Why do employees stay?

As the saying goes… “Parting is such sweet sorrow“. 

-William Shakespeare

Many companies spend a great amount of time and money investigating cases of employee turnover, but converse to this is;  why do they stay?  Some say it is the physical science of inertia. In the case of McGregor, First, it is the case of ‘job satisfaction’. Second, there is the ‘company environment’.  Third, it is the degree of comfort an individual employee feels within the organization.

An employee’s inertia is strengthened by the degree of compatability between his own work ethic and values for which the company stands. Also, the employee’s ethic comes from his own values and the actual conditions he encounters on the job.  Whichever description you choose, we have enjoyed every minute of our time together with Jim.  Our wishes are to relish life and enjoy time with family and friends.  Think of us often, too!

Jim shared some thoughts on McGregor and what the mission means to him.