It’s St. Paddy’s Day~ when everyone celebrates the O’Green !

For the Whole World is Irish

on the Seventeenth O’ March!

-Thomas Augustine Daly

Especially at Springtime, the Emerald Isle lives up to its nickname as the countryside bursts into the oft-touted “40 Shades of Green,” a phrase popularized in song by country singer Johnny Cash. Ireland is the second-largest island of the British Isles, the third-largest in Europe, and the twentieth-largest on Earth. Geopolitically, Ireland is divided between the Republic of Ireland (officially named Ireland), which covers five-sixths of the island, and Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom.

In the United States, the name McGregor is the 2,324th most popular surname with an estimated 12,435 people with that name. However, in Canada, the name McGregor is ranked the 593rd  most popular surname with an estimated 8,491 people with that name.

Some are born in the land of lush green fields, known as the Emerald Isle.  Others are IMB’ ers – Irish By Marriage. And then the rest enjoy celebrating the Irish holiday with green beer and lively music!  Our residents at McGregor plan to enjoy the day-either way!


The Best Luck of All, You Make for Yourself– Douglas McArthur