Social Workers- Compassion in Action!

National Social Work Month, observed throughout March, uplifts the social workers of our country and celebrates their constant contributions to our society.

These professionals use psychology and sociology to solve social issues and improve individual lives – and it’s no easy feat!  Social work can be emotionally draining, require long hours, and pay entirely too little, yet still, these superhumans strive every day to improve many people’s quality of life and advocate on their behalf.

Take some time out this month to recognize your social workers and the great things they do!

The social work profession has existed for more than a century. It attracts people who have a strong desire to help individuals, families, communities, and our nation overcome issues that prevent them from reaching their full potential.

There are more than 700,000 professional social workers employed in the United States, and more than three million
worldwide. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics continues to identify social work as one of the fastest growing professions in the United States. Other government sources report there are more clinically trained social workers providing mental health and behavioral health services than any other professional discipline in the nation.

The nation needs more social workers as it continues to deal with entrenched problems that have stressed our society, including systemic racism and the Coronavirus pandemic. The United States is also experiencing one of its worst economic downturns since the Great Depression. Social workers are on the front lines, helping people overcome these crises. In fact, social workers are everywhere people need help navigating tough life challenges. They contribute to interdisciplinary care teams in schools, hospitals, mental health centers, nonprofits, corporations, the military—and in local, state, and federal government.