Celebrates Deficiency-Free CHAP Re-Certification

A Special Kind of Caring

Please join us in congratulating Shnea Weatherspoon and McGregor Hospice on their recent deficiency-free CHAP re-certification survey. This survey is done every three years, and it is a very comprehensive review of compliance with Medicare Conditions of Participation and CHAP Standards of Excellence. The McGregor team has worked hard to keep their team educated and complete all of the work that it takes to prepare for such a survey.

Over the 3 day survey, the surveyor reviewed:

  • Personnel records
  • Patient medical records
  • Home visits
  • QAPI program
  • COVID and Emergency Preparedness training and operations
  • Contract review
  • Administrative and Governing Body review

McGregor Hospice is a nonprofit concept of care focusing on individuals and families facing a life limiting illness. McGregor Hospice is a “boutique style hospice” emphasizing quality and caring while providing medical services as well as social, emotional and spiritual support for both the individual and their family.

“McGregor Hospice is here for your every step of the way!”

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