Advice for Cleveland Seniors Looking to Remain a Part of the Workforce

How Seniors Can Obtain Job Search Support and Training

Access Employment Resources for Seniors in Greater Cleveland

Today’s workforce is shifting. Due to the pandemic and other factors, many industries are experiencing labor shortages. At the same time, many seniors are looking for career opportunities. Perhaps they have been out of the workforce for some time due to a personal choice or retirement and are now ready to reenter the job market. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the labor force is expected to increase by 8.9 million individuals between 2020 and 2030. In 2020, the participation rate of people ages 75 and older was 8.9 percent—it is anticipated that it will increase to 11.7 percent by 2030. The labor force of people ages 75 and older is expected to grow by 96.5 percent over the next decade. Why are many seniors choosing to work later in life? There are many possible reasons, but today’s seniors are generally healthier, have a longer life expectancy, and have more experience and education than past generations. There are also financial incentives to remain in the workforce to supplement their retirement and medical benefits. If you are a senior thinking about starting a job search, we have some advice:

  • Know your value. As you age, you gain unparalleled wisdom and experience that many employers will find valuable. Think about the organizations in your own community and neighborhood that would benefit most from your unique expertise and talents, and seek to connect with and build relationships with those employers.
  • Market yourself. While you may have spent time away from the workforce, you still have accomplishments and experiences that make you a worthy candidate for consideration. Make sure that your resume or LinkedIn profile showcases what you have achieved and what you can bring to the table.
  • Consider a career change. Perhaps there is an industry or an opportunity that you’ve always wanted to pursue but didn’t have the opportunity to do so earlier in life. There is no time limit on pursuing a rewarding and fulfilling career. And as many employers are seeking qualified candidates, they are more willing to offer the training and educational resources needed for candidates coming from a different job background.


Local Employment Resources for Cleveland Seniors

Connect With an Agency for Job Seeking Support

If you are a senior in Cleveland hoping to remain in or reenter the workforce, there are many local resources positioned to support you. The City of Cleveland offers a range of employment services to seniors:

• AARP Senior Community Service Employment Program: This employment program offers tutorials and demos to help seniors with the job search and hiring process. You can reach the Cleveland office at 216.881.1155.
• Encore Cleveland/Vantage Aging: Through the Cleveland Foundation, Encore Cleveland helps solve the challenges and unmet needs of the local Cleveland community through the time, energy, and talent of experienced seniors. Reach their office at 216.361.9750.
• National Caucus and Center on Black Aging (NCBA): The NCBA, one of the country’s largest minority-focused organizations, provides a number of resources for seniors, including employment training programs. Learn more by calling 216.721.9197.
• OhioMeansJobs Cleveland-Cuyahoga County: This workforce system through the City of Cleveland works with both local employers and job seekers. They offer occupational training, job match and search assistance, and many other employment-related resources. You can connect with their team at 216.777.8200.


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