The Quality of Life is Determined by It’s Activities, Thanks to Ursuline College

Live Life to the Fullest

McGregor Activities Team Helps Seniors Lead Healthier, Happier Lives

“The Quality of life is determined by its activities” -Aristotle


At any age, people have the need to explore, have fun, learn, and live life to the fullest. At McGregor, our activities team helps seniors do much more than just pass the time. Instead, they help seniors to lead healthier and happier lives through planning activities that suit all interests and lifestyles.

With both habitual activities – such as regular games of Bingo, Bible studies, trivia nights, exercise sessions, art classes, and more – and special events – such as a Hat Fashion Show (pictured), Planting Partners, our summer concert series, and more – our activities team is committed to creating experiences that address the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being of our residents.

We thank you for your dedication to promoting quality living for the seniors who call McGregor “Home.”

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