Volunteers come in all shapes, sizes and age! Getting kids involved in volunteering teaches life skills!!

Volunteering can mean learning from other generations! The word “volunteering” may not make much sense to your young child, but even children as young as three can learn the value of helping people and places in need.

Now is the time to start a lifelong commitment to giving, not only during the holiday season but also year round. Community service doesn’t have to be a chore. Volunteering doesn’t have to take up an entire day if you don’t want it to. It can be as quick and fast as you need it to be, or when your favorite program or activity is taking place. From the child’s perspective, they get the chance to talk to and learn from the very people who raised us, fought our wars, taught our schools, had excting careers themselves and built our country’s history.

Find something that interests your child or family. Look for something that really fits you and your personality, and matches your family’s dynamics.  McGregor has a multitude of events and activities that happen all year round, with many different ways to participate in each!  See how it builds confidence in our younger, upcoming generation of professionals!


Through acts of service for those in need and working alongside people of different ages and lifestyles, your children will build a deeper sense of empathy. These connections might even be what motivates your children to spring into action in the future! Volunteering or doing community service can benefit your child tremendously, as well as help create a family bond. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with your kids can foster conversations about their lives and experiences and provide a window into their worlds, too!