“Live Right and Do the Right Thing”

“Live right and do the right thing” are the core words of wisdom that Betty Jo Jenkins has tried to exemplify throughout her life.

At 93, she is always in style and still going strong!

Betty Jo was born in Lafayette County, Arkansas on November 15, 1928.

When she was growing up, Betty Jo’s family was very wealthy, especially for a black family. Her father owned a large farm that was the largest property in her region owned by a black man for most of her childhood.

On the farm, Betty Jo was raised to “work hard and work well” and to “be successful in all areas of life.”

While working as a domestic, Betty Jo cleaned for an older woman who impacted her life forever by giving her two pieces of advice.

First, she told Betty Jo that when it came time for her to leave her home and move into a senior living community to choose McGregor Senior Living.

Betty Jo looks forward to continuing to walk around campus and pursue her relationship with the Lord in the community she has found at McGregor Senior Living.

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