McGregor Celebrates National Case Management Week

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Another year!  Celebrating National Case Management Week and a fine team of people who help our families navigate the healthcare world.

We recognize this special week when we can celebrate you, the professional practice of case management, and the progress made together.

Case managers continue to step up in new and innovative ways and continue to improve health outcomes for patients and their families, while tackling challenges never imagined. The theme for Case Management (CM) Week 2022—Setting the Standard for Patient-Centered Care—reiterates the important work of case managers everywhere.

For case managers, the standards define the work and keep the focus on what is most important—the active collaboration between patients, their families, health care providers, and others involved in their care and support, to ultimately improve patient outcomes.

CMSA was the first professional organization to issue standards of practice for case management, according to the CMSA President.

Every member of our clinical teams at McGregor are doing their part.  At the end of the day, our patients and residents are our primary focus and we are dedicated to the best outcome and quality of living. We believe it is a privilege to have the health and well-being of a family’s loved one entrusted to us.  We believe no one should ever feel alone, whether it’s a resident in need of assistance or a loved one in need of assurance.  If you are looking to make a difference, join our team of game changers!