Festive Fall Activities for Seniors

It’s refreshing to feel the crisp fall air and watch the leaves change color. To celebrate the fall season, we’ve gathered 6 festive activity ideas that you can enjoy with your older adult. They’re all simple, inexpensive, and fun!  Get into the spirit of fall.

1. Enjoy fall-themed coloring pages
Coloring is an activity that everyone can enjoy, from the very young to the very old, as a solo activity or with others.

2. Make decorations
Making and putting up fun decorations is a nice way to mark the change of seasons and get in the mood for fall holidays. It’s also a good opportunity to display some of those finished coloring pages! Our activity departments always have something in store for our residents.

3. Work on a fall-themed jigsaw puzzle
Sitting at the table with a warm beverage and a festive puzzle is a great way to celebrate the season.  We have a puzzle table waiting for the next puzzle piece to be inserted!

4. Prepare festive (and easy!) homemade treats
Baking, mixing, and assembly are fun activities that many older adults will enjoy. Yum-yum.

5. Prepare for Halloween trick-or-treaters
If you’re planning to hand out treats to children in the family or neighborhood kids, your older adult might enjoy helping with the preparations. For a safer, no-contact Halloween, prepare individual treat bags in advance and place them on the porch so trick-or-treaters can help themselves. Families are invited to bring their children for a visit.  Our residents love hearing the laughter of children…and babies!

6. Enjoy the natural scenery and fresh air
Fall is a wonderful time to enjoy nature with your older adult. Bundle up and breathe the fresh air, admire the beautiful colors on display, and hear the crunch of fallen leaves as you walk. Be sure to wear face masks (unless it’s not safe for your older adult’s health conditions) and keep a safe distance from other people.

Not only do we have scenic walking paths, a beautiful meadow filled with deer and the pups from the neighboring community, but this time of year just watching the fall foilage go through its range of autumn colors is breath-taking! Check out the McGregor Fall Festival





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