Our Foundation Impact Report

An elderly woman standing outside with a picnic table in the background

How the McGregor Foundation Supports Aging Services

Making a Difference in Our Cleveland Community

The McGregor Foundation’s mission of “supporting seniors in need and those who serve them” was evident through all of our efforts in 2022—and we made a significant impact.

Here is just a small sample of our efforts.

  • In 2022, the Foundation awarded 35 grants totaling $775,065. Since 2002, in twenty years’ time, we have awarded a total of $17.1 million through 717 grants to 138 organizations across the Cuyahoga County community. Some of our grant recipients included:
    • All Faiths Pantry: Our funding covered their overall operating budget.
    • East Cleveland Public Library: With a grant of $20,000, we funded literacy software training and programs that teach basic computer and software skills to older adults.
    • Asian Services in Action: With a grant of $20,000, we provided critical support for their mental health programs.
  • Last year, we also employed four interns, giving college students exposure to facets of aging services and careers that support older adults. This experience is invaluable in expanding students’ view of aging services and realizing the many opportunities that exist in the field, from marketing and technology to nursing.
  • We continue to support and advocate for PACE expansion. In 2022, we worked with 10 providers to expand PACE to 3,000 seniors in Ohio. We are the only senior living community in Ohio that is in partnership with PACE and can assist qualifying residents with health care finances when they need it.

By the numbers:

  • 1,405 seniors served in 2022
  • 49 in independent living
  • 50 in hospice
  • 76 in assisted living
  • 427 in nursing home care
  • 803 in PACE


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