Creative Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

“A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow” -unknown


Simple and Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Your Loved One

Whether your father lives with you, alone at home, or in a senior living community, celebrating Father’s Day with older adults can be a little tricky. Whether you are hesitant to plan an outing because you cannot guarantee that you can get your loved one home safely, or you are not sure of your father’s expectations for the holiday, planning a simple and meaningful Father’s Day event can be quite challenging. Read on for a few creative ideas that will keep your father smiling and thinking of you year-round.

Make a photo album of recent family pictures.

Take the time to sit and flip through the album together, sharing stories about favorite memories from the past year as you look at the photos.

Read him a story.

Find a short story you know he’ll like and read it to him, being as expressive as possible.

Go on a walk.

If he is able, take advantage of the summer weather and take a walk around the neighborhood or at a nearby park.

Take a scenic drive.

If the walk won’t work, taking a drive through the city or to the lake will allow you to take in the sights from the comfort and safety of your car.

Cook dinner together.

Find out what his favorite meal is, go shopping for everything you need, and then prepare the meal together.

Have a game party. 

Bring along some other family members for an afternoon of board games, cards, or puzzles.

Enlist the artistic talents of young family members.

Create a display of homemade cards and drawings from grandchildren in your father’s living space.

Bring him a special treat.

Whether it is a basket of baked goods, a new hat, a fun-patterned necktie, a book to read, new technology, or a framed family picture, he is sure to love a special treat that shows you were thinking about him.

Host a virtual visit.

If you are unable to visit in person, make a plan to meet with your father virtually on his special day, using either a phone call or a video chatting service like Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Just Ask.

If you still don’t have any ideas about how to celebrate Father’s Day, consider asking your loved one how they would like to spend the day. You may be surprised to find that they simply want to visit with you and don’ t care about the details.


Please let us know if we can provide any further ideas for how to best celebrate your loved one this Father’s Day season. Contact our Team.