Happy Fourth of July!

Bring out your Red, White, and Blue for Independence Day.

The Fourth of July, or Independence Day, has been a federal holiday since 1941 and is used to celebrate the birth of independence that took place in 1776.

Common Fourth of July festivities and celebrations include fireworks, parades, bonfires, and barbecues! In Northeast Ohio there are countless amazing spots to view fireworks, Click here to view a fireworks guide for Cleveland and surrounding areas.

Happy 247th Birthday America!

Reminder: Keep your pets safely away from fireworks and make sure they are wearing their collars and tags!

We have many reasons to celebrate this holiday at McGregor, especially recognizing our Veterans and the contributions they have made to protecting our freedoms and or their service. July Fourth is not really a military or veterans holiday. But let’s not forget that our ability to celebrate our independence at all is thanks to those who fought and died to gain it, and then to keep it.

We hope you have a fun and safe holiday however you may choose to celebrate.