“Caregiving is not one size fits all”

Celebrating National Assisted Living Week, we are celebrating some of our Team.

Dana Wiggins is the Assisted Living Director at McGregor. Even after working here just 6 months, Dana has already made a great impact at McGregor and wants to continue to have a positive effect on the community. She was first introduced to McGregor when she volunteered several years ago. Dana would spend her time volunteering on weekends or at special events that were being held.

Dana has been in the senior living industry for many years. She fell in love with the industry and working with older adults. During her first position in senior living, she met a woman who inspired her in the way she cared for her residents as if they were a part of her family. Dana said,” It was beautiful to see every day, and it taught me what this is all about.”

Care, compassion, and love are the words Dana uses to express how she is committed to serving the older population in a multitude of ways. The focal point of her role is the residents and doing everything she can to enrich each of their lives.

Assisted Living at McGregor had a ‘senior prom’ this past May! Dana holds this as one of her favorite memories, so far, at McGregor. Residents gathered with their families and staff, and were able to celebrate and have a great time all together.

Dana believes it’s important for anyone in the senior living industry to know that one size does not fit all. She explains how there is not only one path for the care you administer, the conversations you have, or the overall approach you give. The way you care for a resident must be tailored to each specific individual. To do this, the care provider needs to get to know their residents and be reminded that these are real people you have been entrusted to care for, and to take that seriously.

She is looking forward to doing further amazing things at McGregor for both the residents and staff! McGregor celebrates National Assisted Living week, too!