Thank you to the McGregor Summer 2023 Interns

The McGregor Intern Program has a multitude of rewards

“The Expert at Anything Was Once a Beginner” -Helen Hayes


We would like to take this opportunity to thank our 2023 interns for the good work they’ve done this summer!  As always, it’s no surprise to find out that we all have something to learn.

Funded by the McGregor Foundation, the McGregor Summer Internship Program provides college students with a view of the many facets of aging services and the multitude of careers that support the delivery of care to those in need, from health administration to marketing & communications, from finance & accounting to social work, and everything in between. 

So, without further ado, let’s meet the interns who have learned, explored their areas of interest, and brought new ideas to the tables of their respective teams at McGregor this summer! 

Gabrielle Carrara – Marketing and Communications Intern

Gabrielle Carrara assisted our Chief Marketing Officer and our Director of Philanthropy in telling McGregor’s story this summer. 

Gabrielle is a rising senior at Bowling Green State University, where she studies Marketing. Following her graduation in December, Gabrielle hopes to join the marketing team of an organization in the greater Cleveland area.  

Several highlights of Gabrielle’s internship include: 

  • Interviewing McGregor employees and McGregor Foundation grantees to write testimonials and profiles. 
  • Researching relevant topics in the senior living industry to develop content for the McGregor website. 
  • Publishing an editorial on hearing aids in Northeast Ohio Boomer magazine. 

When asked about the value she gained from her internship at McGregor, Gabrielle said, “This internship has forced me to go outside of my comfort zone in order to learn new communication skills, research important topics, and write content that is useful and relevant for so many people.”  

Gavin McCoy – Finance Intern 

Gavin McCoy assisted our Chief Financial Officer with a variety of finance and accounting-related tasks this summer. 

Gavin is about to enter his sophomore year at the University of Cincinnati, where he studies Finance. After he graduates, Gavin hopes to own a financial advising firm of his own.

Several highlights of Gavin’s internship include:

  • Learning how to use AvidXchange software to manage accounts payable.
  • Creating rosters for McGregor Assisted Living and McGregor PACE. 
  • Using information in the rosters to develop a streamlined processes for collecting and recording resident / participant payments. 

When asked about the value he gained from his internship at McGregor, Gavin said, “I’ve learned so much about taxes, payroll, management, and everything else that goes into owning and operating your own business, which is something that I hope to do someday.” 

Ryan Eisenhuth – Marketing and Communications Assistant

After working as a Marketing and Communications Intern last summer, Ryan Eisenhuth returned this summer as a Marketing and Communications Assistant to continue aiding our Chief Marketing Officer in telling McGregor’s story. 

Ryan just graduated from Geneva College, where he studied Communication, Integrated Media Production, and Public Relations. In the fall, Ryan will begin pursuing a Ph.D. in the School of Communication Studies at Ohio University. 

Several highlights from Ryan’s internships include:

  • Interviewing McGregor residents and employees to share their stories with the community. 
  • Writing blog posts for the McGregor website.
  • Coordinating and promoting summer marketing events. 
  • Directing and editing a video tour of our Assisted Living Community. 
  • Photographing events throughout McGregor’s campus. 

When asked about the value he gained from his internship at McGregor, Ryan said, “I love how my work at McGregor gives me the opportunity to share relevant and useful information – with a variety of audiences and through a variety of mediums – that will truly make a positive difference in the lives of older adults throughout our community.” 

Some Places Are All About the Experiences… 

…and McGregor is one of them. We are proud that our internship program has been such a great experience and has made such a big difference in the lives of our interns.

To our interns, thank you for choosing McGregor and for all your good work this summer. We wish you continued success as you finish school and begin pursuing new passions in the future! 

Does our internship program sound like a good fit for you?

National Intern Day is a holiday that is celebrated each year on the last Thursday of July. This annual observance gives organizations around the country a special day to recognize and celebrate the future leaders of the world: interns! 

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