The #1 Reason to Choose McGregor For Your Parents

McGregor Offers a Continuum of Care

Never Go Through This Selection Process Again


If you are starting the process of selecting a senior living community in Cleveland, Ohio, for your parents, consider one of the top reasons people choose McGregor—a continuum of care.

Every time your loved one goes through a transition in their life when they’re more physically or cognitively challenged, you don’t have to start from square one to identify a place for them to go. Once they have moved to McGregor, whether they come first to Independent Living or into Assisted Living, they can remain in the same place they’ve come to know as home.

This allows our residents to age in place and receive the level of care and assistance they need without having to move to a different community. Your loved ones can continue to maintain relationships with the friends and staff that they’ve gotten to know without having to readjust and reacclimate to an entirely new environment.

These are just a few of the benefits of the continuum of care at McGregor:

Personalized Care: The continuum of care model allows for personalized care plans that can be adjusted as a senior’s needs change, ensuring they receive the appropriate level of care at all times.

Social Engagement: Continuum of care communities often provide a variety of social activities and opportunities for residents to engage with one another, promoting mental and emotional well-being.

Access to Specialized Services: Residents have access to a range of services, from independent living to skilled nursing, memory care, and rehabilitation, allowing them to receive specialized care as needed.

Peace of Mind for Families: Families of seniors benefit from the assurance that their loved ones are receiving appropriate care, and they do not need to coordinate multiple moves or care providers.

Reduced Stress: The predictability of the continuum of care model can reduce stress for both seniors and their families, as they don’t need to make difficult decisions during moments of crisis.

Cost-Efficiency: While the cost of senior living can vary, the continuum of care model can be more cost-effective than paying separately for different levels of care in various facilities.

Emergency Response: In case of an emergency or unexpected health decline, residents can quickly access the necessary medical and care services within the same community.

Consistent Care Providers: Seniors can build relationships with staff and caregivers who are familiar with their needs and preferences.

The continuum of care model aims to enhance the quality of life for older adults by ensuring they receive the right level of support, healthcare, and services at all stages of aging. That is at the heart of everything we do at McGregor.


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