Wiping Away Your Winter Worries

Beat with Winter Blues while Reminiscing on Happy Memories

For many, winter brings the seasonal blues. Changes in the weather create changes in your mood and mental health. Especially during the holiday season, seniors may have a more difficult time remaining positive.

This season may bring isolation, memories of the past, lack of fresh air, and other negative circumstances! People of all generations thrive off vitamin D and social connections, so it’s essential to find new ways to do that for winter months.

Although it may be unsafe for seniors to spend lots of time outside due to the weather, there are still ways to get some vitamin D. A short walk or stretching in your yard, while bundled, can give you the fresh air you need! Also, making it a routine to open your curtains to allow natural light to shine in is a great mood booster.

Holiday season can encourage you to think back on old memories, which may make you miss how things were. Reminisce in a positive way! Memories are some of the greatest things of your life, so focus on the good! Even creating a scrapbook or photo albums of old pictures from happy memories is a great way to think about cheerful times from your lifetime.

Get in the spirit of holiday traditions. Family gatherings are popular around the holidays and if feasible are a great way to spend time together. However, not everyone has the privilege of partaking in a family event. Holiday traditions also include baking cookies, watching holiday films, or listening to your favorite holiday music. This way you can enjoy the holiday season wherever you may be.

If you find yourself struggling with seasonal depression, talk to someone about your feelings. Whether that is your family and friends, a caregiver, or a licensed professional, they will help you gain the emotional support you need to get you through these harder months.

Staying positive and staying safe are the best ways to enjoy the winter season!

Season’s Greetings from McGregor!