Establish a direct connection with the community when searching for assisted living

Establishing direct connections with an assisted living community can indeed offer several advantages. 

Here are some reasons why it might be beneficial:
  1. Personalized Interaction: By directly contacting the community, you can have more personalized interactions. You get to discuss your needs or the needs of your loved ones directly with the staff or management, ensuring clarity and understanding.
  2. Immediate Information: Direct contact allows you to get information quickly without any potential miscommunication that might happen through a referral source.
  3. Familiarity and Relationships: Building a direct relationship with the staff or management can foster a sense of familiarity and trust. This can be particularly advantageous when making important decisions about care arrangements.
  4. Customized Solutions: Direct communication might enable the assisted living community to tailor their services more effectively to your specific requirements or those of your loved ones.
  5. Access to Additional Resources: Establishing a direct connection might also give you access to resources, information, or programs that might not be readily available through a referral source.

However, relying solely on one method over the other might not always be the best approach.

Referral sources, such as agencies specializing in elder care or healthcare professionals, can also offer valuable insights, recommendations, and connections to reputable assisted living communities. Utilizing both direct connections and referral sources might provide a more comprehensive understanding and range of options for making an informed decision regarding assisted living arrangements.

McGregor CLDR-Retirement Living article-11.2023