McGregor partners for workforce solutions

Based on the successful collaboration between Eliza Jennings, Jennings Center for Older Adults, Judson Services, and The McGregor Foundation, to address workforce recruitment, retention, and advancement in long term services, The Deaconess Foundation, Cuyahoga County Workforce Funders Group and The McGregor Foundation are pleased to announce sponsorship to pilot Arena Analytics, an artificial intelligence and machine learning-power hiring tool, to support increasing high quality candidate flow, increasing retention, and reducing bias in the hiring process in long-term care.


The Cuyahoga County Workforce Funders Group is comprised of Cuyahoga County, the City of Cleveland, Ohio Means Jobs Cleveland | Cuyahoga County, The Cleveland Foundation, Deaconess Foundation, Fund for Our Economic Future, The George Gund Foundation, Team NEO, Huntington National Bank, and the United Way of Greater Cleveland.

Arena Analytics helps organizations build more productive and equitable workforces, while empowering individuals to uncover and pursue opportunities where they are likely to thrive. The Arena Analytics platform uses cutting-edge predictive analytics and AI to help employers better discover and retain talent, predictions for retentsion, while mitigating bias in the hiring process.

Through our partnership we look forward to identifying applilcants and improving a sustainable advantage that this will bring to our communities.

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