The Greatest Generation, Boomer Generation, Xennials, Millennials

Which generation are you?

Boomers, GenX, Millennials, GenZ…. all terminology we use and know but have so much meaning behind them. Did you know all the different generations do not just refer to your age and the time you grew up, but also categorize you into groupings of people who will share specific values compared to others based on your collective life experience? 


Here at McGregor, we value the care we give to our residents and learning about the events in their lives that have shaped them. With so many seniors living in multigenerational housing today, learning about the differences between each generation could help create a cohesive and happier household.  Keep reading to learn about the different generations.  

Baby Boomers  

The Baby Boomer generation begins in 1946 and ends in 1964. Being born right after World War II and in America coming out of the Great Depression has its impact on those in this generation. Th term Baby Boomer comes from the boom in babies being born that occurred after World War II.  With parents focused on saving money their whole life, the baby boomers grew up in a time of economic security for most part, making them notoriously be known as the “Me” generation. This highly individuality generation has redefined traditional ways of life from their parents’ generation (“Traditionalists” or “The Silent Generation”). Boomers experienced prosperous financial situations and yet social revolution with the civil rights movement in their youth. Today, they make up about 28% of the population.  

Generation X 

Generation X begins in 1965 and goes until about 1979 or 80. GenX is most notable to become the first generation to majorly have a doble income household, with both parents in the workforce. As GENX grew up they experienced many different historical events that made an impact. Events like the end of the cold war, being the first Latchkey kids, and the working mother coming to popularity has shaped this generation to be highly independent and driven.  


In society, the millennial Generation can be notorious for being labeled or selfish by the news. The truth of the matter is that Millennials today have grown up at the same time as technology has been developing. Millennials were born between 1980 and 1994, making them a combination of the 80s and early 90s kids. Events that have shaped their lives have been 9/11, the recession of 2008 and technology’s growth and integration into society. Millennials are also the first generation to show more women with bachelor degrees than men. Millennials are typically confident and tech-savvy.  

Generation Z  

Generation Z is the latest generation to make its debut into the adult world. With its members being born between 1996 and 2010, give or take a few, there is still a lot to be discovered about this generation. One thing that has been determined is that GenZ is set to be the most educated yet loneliest and depressed generation yet. Big event in their life that have had an effect is the aftermath of 9/11, and never knowing the country without war. Also being born into a world with technology rather than watching it be discovered has a large effect on this generation. They are also connected and surrounded by others, even when alone. Undoubtedly, the shaping event of this generation is the Covid-19 pandemic, witnesses economic, social, and personal tragedies as they come into their teen and adult life. As time goes on, researchers will be able to see how this will affect them.  

We learn as we go on that every generation has its idiocyricies from beliving authority figures, cultures, to risk-taking, less patience, more likely to see a movie or use social media.  Some belive they could become anythign they dreamed of while others may be less optimistic or less naive.  Who knows what comes next?



guest contributor: Bridget Noonan, Marketing and Communications Intern