Happy Independence Day!

This year marks 248 years since the Declaration of Independence was signed and the thirteen colonies became one country free from Great Britain, marking the birthday and freedom of America. People all over the country will spend time outside with family and friends and watch fireworks as a tradition of the first 4th of July celebration.  

The Declaration of Independence was drafted by Thomas Jefferson and four members of the Second Continental Congress, including Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Roger Sherman and Robert Livingston. It was then signed by 56 other men late that summer.  

The first celebration was in 1977, a year after the Declaration of Independence was signed. A canon was fired 13 times with 13 fireworks in Philadelphia to honor the 13 colonies. This celebration widespread across the country as now most cities in America will be shooting off fireworks the week of the 4th of July.  

 There are many events in Cleveland that you can join for the celebration. One of the biggest hits is watching the fireworks on the lake. Lady Caroline and Goodtime III are selling tickets for a cruise to watch the fireworks on their ship on Lake Erie. The Cleveland Guardians will be facing the Chicago White Socks with a grand finale of fireworks after the games are finished. You can also enjoy music at Blossom Music Center, where they will be setting off fireworks after the performances. It is perhaps one of the most exciting days in the summer for America, so spend some time with those that you love and celebrate our freedom.