TIME keeps up with PACE

Living at Home- There is no place like it!


Living at Home is the goal of so many older adults to maintain their connection to their community and neighborhoods.  Many families are driven to help their loved ones find those resources to support them in their goal. Likewise, it is the priority of our colleagues at McGregor PACE to help them achieve that!


The program, in some ways a supercharged version of CAPABLE, provides comprehensive medical and social services for older adults who need significant nursing care but want to live at home.


Older women and a care worker embracing


Recently TIME magazine featured an article, COVID-19 Exposed the Faults in America’s Elder Care System,  that spoke to exactly that point of remaining in your own home, encouraging families to consider the opportunities that are offered as a result of the PACE program.
Presently, McGregor PACE is the only program of its kind in the state of Ohio.