What’s Your Biological Age?

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Understanding Chronological vs. Biological Age

How to Support Healthy Aging in Seniors

When someone asks how old you are, how do you respond? Most of us immediately answer with our chronological age—based on the year of our birth. But there is another way to classify an individual’s age, and that is known as your biological age.

We are used to defining age chronologically, but it is not actually the best indicator for how a person is aging. For example, two people born in the same year might be aging at different rates, with different risk levels for age-related health issues. Biological age, according to this article by Thorne, is based on an individual’s physical and mental functions. This includes things like chronic or preexisting conditions, stress levels, exercise habits, diet, and nutrition.

How can seniors strive for a healthy biological age?

  • Cut out those bad habits. A great place to start is by aiming to eat better, move your body more, and practice healthy habits. Find an activity you enjoy—whether it is an aerobics class, taking a dance class, or an outdoor activity like gardening—that gets you moving and stick with it.
  • Focus on better sleep. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Prioritize sleep as much as you prioritize diet and exercise.
  • Manage stress. Finding healthy ways of managing stress is key. If you are feeling overwhelmed or depressed, speak to a trusted friend or family member or reach out to a professional therapist or counselor.
  • Make a plan for aging. Whether you intend to remain in your home or move to a senior living community, it is important to age with a plan. Talk to your family often about your intentions, wishes, and plans. Consider the benefits of a life plan community like McGregor which offers multiple living options to meet your unique lifestyle wants and needs.

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