The Impact of COVID-19

The Impact Of Covid-19

Why COVID-19 Led to New Partnerships

How McGregor Continues to Provide World-Class Senior Care

It is no surprise that the health care industry—including senior care organizations—is often faced with significant challenges and obstacles. However, no challenge had compared to navigating the uncharted waters of COVID-19. The unprecedented pandemic disrupted our normal processes, changed nearly every aspect of our operations, and forced us to look outside of our organizations for support and resources. The American Hospital Association reported that “COVID-19 has exposed vulnerability at health care organizations across the globe on critical issues, including equipment, data availability, and infrastructure.”

McGregor, like so many other senior care providers, was tasked with maintaining a continuum of care throughout the pandemic, working to meet seniors’ physical needs as well as their social, mental, and emotional needs—and we could not do so without the support of our Cleveland community. We continue to reach out to our colleagues in the industry to bridge gaps in services and resources, including LeadingAge Ohio, a nonprofit organization that represents approximately 400 long-term organizations and hospices in more than 150 Ohio towns and cities. We continue to work with them, and our other partners, toward fulfilling our shared mission of providing exceptional quality care for seniors.

The Cleveland community has truly united to meet the challenges of the pandemic for our aging seniors. In July, McGregor was proud to host a Common Ground conversation, bringing together many individuals and organizations in Greater Cleveland in dialogue about how to serve our communities and seniors going forward. As we look beyond COVID-19, we anticipate continuing these important conversations, growing our partnerships, and continuing to make a difference for seniors in our neighborhoods and communities.

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