Our Approach to Aging Services

nurses with elderly patients

McGregor’s Commitment to Quality Care for Older Adults

Prioritizing Residents’ Independence and Strength

Most families will need some extra caregiving help or support—whether it is long-term care or short-term respite care following a surgery or medical emergency—at some point. McGregor is here to provide that care that will let older adults live better and thrive as they age.

As a non-profit senior care organization, McGregor is driven by one mission: to provide the best possible quality of care for our community’s older adults. Our professional caregivers celebrate each of our residents and their special spirit, and aim to help residents reclaim their independence and strength in a safe environment designed to meet their needs. 


Our Guiding Values

Aligned With the People We Serve

During our decades of experience in the senior care sector, McGregor has come to know the unique values, wants, and needs of older adults in our communities. Your decision to receive our services, whether you move to our Independent Living community or take a short-term respite stay in our rehabilitation center, is a desire to better your quality of living—to live your life to the fullest as you age. We take pride in meeting you where you are, helping to provide whatever specific care and services you need to help you on your aging journey.

We prioritize the following:

  • Your Mental and Physical Health: Our interdisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers, and other caregiving professionals provide comprehensive care. Not only are we concerned about your physical health and well-being but we also prioritize your mental health. We know that both are equally important to your feeling whole, happy, and safe at McGregor.
  • Your Independence: Whether you move to our senior care community or desire to remain in your own home through the PACE program, you still want—and value—your independence. We do, too. Our caregiving professionals, therapists, and other team members help you to regain your independence and strength, giving you the freedom to enjoy every day to the fullest.
  • Treating You With Respect and Dignity: We simply do not tolerate anything less than our residents being treated with the utmost respect and dignity. It is our privilege to serve older adults and their families in our community.
  • Providing You With the Highest Standard of Care: When you are seeking an aging services provider, you want to know that you will receive the highest standard of care available. That is what we provide at McGregor—in fact, we’ve been rated as a Top 100 Facility by the U.S. News & World Report.

Are you ready to learn more about McGregor for yourself or a loved one? We would be happy to speak with you and arrange for a visit to our community. Please reach out to our team.

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