Choosing a Smarter Way to Live

an elderly couple smiling Gain Independence and Peace of Mind as You Age

How McGregor Can Help You Age With a Plan

Is your home becoming more of a burden than a comfort? Perhaps you see the condition of your home deteriorating but are unable to address the issues. You may have an endless list of chores that you are physically unable to complete, and you feel like you have hit a brick wall.

Whether you are experiencing this firsthand or you are watching this situation unfold for a parent or loved one, this is an extremely difficult moment in your life. But older adults have a choice—and you can choose a smarter way to live. 

There is a way to regain your independence, your freedom, and your enjoyment of life. McGregor’s aging services exist to support you. You deserve to live your life without being burdened by struggling to maintain and upkeep your home without assistance. You, and all people in our community, deserve access to quality aging services and the ability to age with a plan.

If it is time for a change, take a look at these resources and options that exist for older adults in our Cleveland life care community.

McGregor Assisted Living

Our assisted living options for older adults provide you with:

  • A safe and comfortable living environment with the assistance you need

  • An alternative to nursing care that promotes your independence and well-being

  • Comprehensive support services

  • Stress-free peace of mind

  • Continuity of care (nursing care and hospice services available)

When you are ready to choose Assisted Living for yourself or a loved one, the team at McGregor will make the entire process and transition as easy as possible. Our real estate partners can help you downsize your home, list and sell your home, and move to a McGregor Assisted Living suite.

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McGregor PACE

If you or your loved one wants to avoid or delay moving to a nursing home, the PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) program is a good alternative. Through PACE, the long-term medical, social, and personal care needs of seniors are met with in-home care or care provided in our adult day health centers.

  • McGregor PACE provides the following types of services to eligible seniors:
  • Health and support services (adult day centers, transportation, meals, therapy, and more)
  • Home support services (home health care, chore services, home meals, and hospice)
  • Specialist care (ranging from foot care and vision services to dental care and hospital care)

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McGregor Is Your Aging Services Resource

If you have questions about Assisted Living, the McGregor PACE program, or other resources and services that we provide for older adults in Cuyahoga County, please reach out to our team.

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