Comfort & Joys of Providing Senior Services

McGregor Hospice strives to provide the highest quality end-of-life services through its Hospice and Bridge Programs.

Most people don’t realize that hospice is a healthcare benefit. It allows a person to spend more quality time with family and friends and it can mean decreasing repeated trips to the hospital.

In keeping with McGregor’s belief in a boutique style hospice, McGregor Bridge and its social workers can help individuals connect with someone who can assist not just with health issues, but with financial and legal concerns, as well.

The sooner a family establishes a relationship with a provider, the better for everyone involved.  It improves insights among the interdisciplinary team, the family and the individual’s legacy wishes. We often ask how someone wants to be remembered or how the family members what to remember that individual.

‘Memorable Moments’ Program is aimed at coordinating events and activities, including special birthday parties or any other milestone celebration!

McGregor Hospice has been serving the community for more than a decade and received full accreditation in 2022 during the most recent evaluation! Through our CHAP certification, we have demonstrated our ability to meet and exceed standards for those whom we care for.  McGregor Hospice is a provider of the We Honor Vets program.


Referrals to McGregor Hospice can be made by an individual themselves, a family member, physician, clergy, or anyone else interested in the person’s well-being.  McGregor Hospice is truly a Special Kind of Caring.

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