National Dog Day

National Dog Day has two goals: to honor dogs, and to rescue them from homelessness. Plus, this day is an opportunity to simply recognize and appreciate the significant value and importance of dogs
in our lives. We already know that in addition  to giving love and companionship, dogs help us out in countless ways. They are watchdogs for our safety. They lead the blind. Dogs aid in search and
rescue, and they seek out bombs and drugs.

The second goal of National Dog Day is perhaps more serious: to rescue dogs in need. On occasion, dogs need us to save them from homelessness
and abuse.

Approximately 3.3 million dogs enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. Approximately half of those will be adopted into forever homes and about 620,000 dogs who enter shelters as strays
are returned to their owners. The goal of the National Dog Day foundation is to rescue even more dogs every year. If you can, please lend a hand to help a dog in need today, or any day.

At McGregor, we love to see dog visits from many of the service dog organizations. It just lights up the room!  Residents in our Independent Living move in with their small dogs from time to time. It just adds such a wonderful dynamic and feeling…and puts a smile on our faces!