International Music Day: The Power of Music

Music, Mind, and Memories


To celebrate International Music Day on October 1st, we want to share the power of music!

Music can be enjoyed by those of all generations. It is an overall mood booster and can give everyone a personalized art experience. For older adults, it can actually provide real health benefits physically and mentally.

Music is a powerful medicine. It has the ability to improve memory and even bring back memories for those who may face age related memory issues. Music can evoke strong emotions and stimulate feelings of joyful well-being. Listening and singing along to different songs can enhance a seniors’ quality of life.

Music can be used to widen seniors’ social networks. Talking about music or playing instruments together can be a wonderful conversation starter and help connect older adults with shared interests. Music is also a great way to be active! Dancing and clapping along to tunes are useful ways to get the blood pumping and improve your health. Music is a great form of therapy.

Music is nostalgic! Certains songs are tied to memories and can remind an individual of an amazing memory from their lifetime. For professional caregivers and those caring for older loved ones it’s important to play music that the senior can connect with. Here’s a site that outlines popular music from each decade.

At McGregor, we hold events, such as Jazz on the Patio, that bring people together using music.

“Music can change the world because it can change people.” Bono