Operational Support and Innovation at McGregor PACE for the past two months with various projects. Austin, who is majoring in Computer Information Systems with a minor in Finance at Kent State University, was a perfect fit for this role. Austin was assigned a project to complete from start to finish which included planning, organizing, and directing the completion of McGregor’s electronic Safety Data Sheet Manual. Austin worked with PACE and Garden team members collecting information and working in our production site on SharePoint. Additionally, Austin assisted in data collection and process improvement plans associated with a McGregor PACE Greenbelt project on Outside Medical Appointments. He organized and collected data from our EMR as well our transportation routing system. Austin was instrumental in keeping the project on task and meeting projected dead lines. Austin also participated in IT Strategy meetings and saw how decisions are made that affect day to day operations. He also had the opportunity to present to the CEO of McGregor PACE on a Greenbelt process improvement plan. Austin was instrumental in creating training plans in Relias related to the projects he was working on. More importantly, McGregor Staff will have the opportunity to learn from the materials he created for years to come.

Austin was eager from the start and did a great job managing projects independently. He was able to translate some of the skills he learned in the classroom into a work setting. Throughout his internship experience, Austin truly worked side by side with other PACE staff. It was a collaborative effort and Austin brought great skills to McGregor PACE. We wish him well and thank him for the contributions he made as an intern at McGregor.

From Austin:
I would like to begin a career in project management. Start Training for my Greenbelt. Make a big difference regardless of where I end up. Always continue to learn. Strive to better myself and my work environment.